OrbitLab App

OrbitLab is not a game, but a laboratory for experimenting with orbital mechanics.

OrbitLab lets you experiment with planets in a solar system. The setup is simple so you can get started right away.

There is a Sun, surrounded by a number of planets. Equations of gravity control the motions of all the bodies in the system, and they all have gravitational influences on each other, just as in the real world.

Certain initial conditions are randomized with each restart. Randomization happens within certain bounds for most parameters. These bounds are described in the info sections for each parameter control.

Key Features

  • Select 1 to 100 planets with a controlled but randomized initialization
  • Easily change the mass of the Sun and planets to see the effects
  • Replay from the start, or restart with new randomized values
  • Planets emit a pleasant tone and flash discreetly on closest or farthest point in their orbits
  • Save a Solar System if you like, for replay later
  • Edit Solar Systems to discover new effects
  • Translated into 33 languages, of which 11 are human translations
  • Setup screen allows access to various display and simulation parameters
  • Exploding satellite mode

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