OrbitLab 1.1 Teaser, release expected by end of April

I’m almost finished with a very beautiful 1.1 update for OrbitLab. Updates and new features include:

  • Works on any device – I adapted the interface to work on smaller devices such as phones and phablets instead of just tablets.
  • Replay slider – In addition to replay from the start, there’s a new slider that lets you scrub to replay from any place in the last 3 minutes or so.
  • Four new setup options:
    • make moons – Makes every other planet into a moon around the previous planet.
    • sun frame – Pins the display to the reference frame of the Sun.
    • large screen – Switches between large screen and small screen modes.
    • mass spread – Spread between largest and smallest mass in randomized system.
  • Revamped Solar System editor:
    • Now zooms and pans
    • Reworked calculations to make it easy to edit satellite orbits.
  • Improved performance – There was a bug when switching from one screen to another that caused performance to gradually degrade. Also there was a memory leak when switching screens.

I expect to release version 1.1 before the end of April.


Editing planets with moons.


Planets with moons.


Orbit in Sun-centered reference frame.


Same orbit in regular reference frame.

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