Main Screen

The main screen shows the active solar system. In this screen shot, a system with two very large planets is shown. The red lines show the amount and direction of force on each body. Blue lines show the velocity. The track of each body is marked by a trail of dots, to more easily visualize their motions. In any solar system, the central body is always affected by the orbiting bodies. In fact they orbit their mutual center of gravity. 

Setup Screen

Controls for display. Including English, 30 languages are available, of which 21 were machine translated.

Edit Screen

Saved solar systems can be edited and selected here. This is a static display which shows the paths of the planets only as if they were interacting with the sun. Using pinch zoom with two fingers, the velocity can be changed. While it’s changing, the ellipse of the orbit continuously updates. Pinch zoom with three fingers changes the mass.

Info Screen

Information about each of the OrbitLab main screen controls

Exploding Satellite Mode

Satellite breaks into 9 or 25 pieces, each with randomized velocities. Shown here is a 9 fragment explosion. Explosion force and initial position of the satellite are randomized, so each explosion is different. As you can see here, satellite fragments return to the point of origin, but at different times because they each take different orbital paths.

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